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Bruce Bedford Archive

Bruce Bedford was a news photographer for the Carroll County Independent for many years starting in the 1970s. Many will remember his photos featured weekly in the paper, "This is Carroll County" His extensive photographic archive was donated to the Conway Historical Society who has made it available for this public archive.

There are two ways into the archive, either select a decade button in the picture below, or select the Archive Map button on the left.

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As a newspaper photographer, Bruce chronicled a wide range of subjects and events over several decades. That is why this is such a valuable historical resource in addition to being an artist's portfolio. There is no doubt that if you were around Carroll County at that time you will recognize people and events depicted in this archive.

The archive is organized by decade, and then by date Bruce recorded on the negative envelopes, presumably the day he processed the negatives. Beyond that there are subject matter categories. After that we really need help from you, visitors to the archive, to help identify who and what is in the photographs. The comments that are added by you and others can be searched. There is another feature of the archive that visitors can come back from time to time and see what comments have been added recently, which are linked to the individual photographs.

Will you help improve this archive by identifying people and subject matter? To become a written contributor, all you have to do is register. It is easy to register, just click on the pulldown in the upper right corner on this page. Soon after, an archive administrator will contact you by email and set you up so you can start adding your own comments.

There are half a million negatives in Bruce's archive. What has been scanned and published so far is a small percent. I have had to leave out a lot of duplicated shots, but also has taken advantage of a unique opportunity to present some photos as a series, which often tell a story better than just a single photo.

There are features of archive that are not readily apparent to a first time user. The Help button will tell you how to get the most out of the experience. As more folks register and hopefully add information, the ability to search and navigate will enhance the experience of all visitors to the archive., the digital publisher of this archive, and some others have donated time and expertise to this endeavor. If there is enough interest shown, there will be outreach for volunteers and contributions to continue the work of preserving and sharing Bruce's work. What is here now represents a very small fraction of the negatives that there are. Please write the administrator (email address below) with any suggestions or comments.

Keith Simpson

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