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Norman Simpson, Sr.
Nan Simpson

05/19/2013:  Keith Simpson:  Nan Simpson had quite a collection and a scrapbook full of pictures. Unfortunately I am not sure about who a lot of these folks are. Her mother and father and sisters can be figured out. Some of these go back to the 19th century. I am still researching some of the processes used then.
05/19/2013:  Keith Simpson:  More background - Nan had four sisters, and possibly a brother who may not have survived long. She was married at least once before marrying Norman Simpson Sr. It is my memory that none of her sisters had children, so Norman Jr. was doted on a bit by the sisters. Nan spoke of Zeke the most, but there are pictures of all here. She was a pretty attractive young woman, as you can see and was not without attention. She ran a beauty parlor in Elmira for many years. There are some pretty amazing pictures of her girls, some I have not put up yet. One can see the changing hair styles of the times in these pictures.

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