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Lenox School Yearbook Archive

Only some of the links below are active. Currently only 1965-1971 are available. Comments can be made on any index or artifact page, and are encouraged. You must register and be logged in before you can make comments. HERE is a link to a video to show you how to navigate and register in the archive.

1. To see a larger version of a particular picture, just click on the picture, and the picture is presented in "raw" form. When viewing the picture like this, you can download it by right clicking you mouse and selecting "Download" Also, some browsers will scale the picture to fit the screen. You can often see a larger version by clicking your mouse a 2nd time on the raw image. To return from viewing a picture in raw form, use your browser's Back button.

2. Press the "Search" button on this page, and you can enter text to search the captions or comments. Start with simple one word searches. Sometimes even partial words or names is sufficient to find what you are looking for.

3. The Archive Map button is useful for showing the layout of the entire archive.

ALL THE ABOVE INFORMATION FOUND IN THE HELP PAGE FOR THE ARCHIVE. There you can also learn how to become a member of the archive, which will allow you to comment and add information regarding any of the artifacts contained herein.

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