• Out on the river with Great Uncle Chuck, 192?
  • Livery Agent, 1914<br>Great Grandfather Tommy
  • Getting around in Europe 1944<br>Great Uncle George


"Just the faq's, M'am." - Sergeant Joe Friday, LAPD

  • How much does it cost?
  • YourArchivist philosophy is keep it simple and reasonable. We can create archive sites that have no customization and do not need any special organization for $.50/page one time cost and $15/yr. hosting for small projects. Scrap books and yearbooks can fall into this catagory. Reproduction per page rates decrease with larger quantities, but larger quantities of artifacts usually involve some organization and customization work. Read more at Services and Rates

  • Can I download and/or printout images?


  • How is this different from Picassa, Flicker, or other web based photo sharing?

    There are many excellent choices for sharing photos if you are a do it yourselfer. YourArchivist is a full service business, and will do complete projects for you. We will also do specific tasks, such as scanning and boxing originals, or custom design and programming. The sites we create do not have any advertising and include special features that may not found in other services. And we will always be improving and enhancing our services. Our sites include the following features:

    • Access security
    • Authorization to add comments separate from access security
    • Comments are identitiy and date stamped
    • Robust search capability
    • Three sizes of images: Thumbnail, gallery, and full size. This makes navigation more robust, but also allows for close scrutiny when desired.
    • Download of full size images
    • Special page to review recent comments with quicklinks to pages

  • How do I get my own copies of my artifacts?

    You will be given USB memory modules (thumb drives) on which you will organize your artifacts. Make as many copies as you like. If there is sorting and organizing to be done, you will need to get it back to us temporarily. When the project is done, YourArchvist will return the memory to you.

  • I have already done a lot of geneolgy on my family and would like to integrate this into the site. Is this possible?

    It depends. On our side of things, we strive for openness and simplicity. While most anything is possible, the level or effort and cost may, in some cases be prohibitive.

  • Can I add my own digital photos to the archive?

    Yes. You should always have a copy of your structured archive to which you can add your own digital photos anywhere, including creating new folders in which to do so. Make your changes and additions, and then get them to us, and we will process them and put them up on the archive web site.

  • What do we mean by "highly functional" websites?
  • There are several standard features in YourArchivist archive sites that set it apart from simple photo sharing websites.

    • No advertising
    • Annotation capability
    • Fast Search Capability
    • Navigatable Archive Tree Diagram
    • User management and administration
    • Several different levels of security and user roles:
      • Guest (Read-Only)
      • Member (Write Privilege, Comment Mode)
      • Documentarian (Write/Edit Privilege, Caption mode)
      • Administrator (User administration, Write Privileges)
      • Superuser (Adminstrator, Documentarian, Write Privilege)