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Services and Rates

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." - Warren Buffett

One of the biggest suprises about what we do is the amazing value that we offer. Most projects will come in between $1 and $2 a page. That's less than it costs to print photos from your digital camera! And that's when we do everything - scanning, hosting*, home page creation, and help organizing.

YourArchivist is setup to handle large projects, and the larger the project the better the value. But we also provide some of our services ala carte. If all you need is old photos and documents scanned so you can add them to an existing album, we will do that. If you want to add digital photos to a site we built for you, we can do that.

When it comes to how we charge, we can go about it one of two ways. If you would like a fixed, contract rate for a project, we can provide you with that. If you prefer to work on "time and materials" basis, we can also do that. Here are some rate schedules.

  1. Lab Work:
    This is the cost of scanning and handling the originals. Originals are cataloged and boxed. Special storage boxes are recommended (acid-free, lignin free, barrier board), but cost extra.

    First 500: $.50/scan
    500 to 4k: $.40/scan
    4k+: $.30/scan
  2. *Hosting:
    Basic hosting costs below are for domain registration and web space. Customers may have special requirements that affect these rates.

    Up to 1000 pages $15/yr.
    1000-5000 pages $25/yr.
  3. Consulting:
    Consulting rates cover site setup, custom programming, and working with you to plan and organize your archives. Much of the work required for site setup has already been automated by YourArchivist. The consulting rate reflects this work as well as ongoing improvements and enhancements. Our consulting rate is $110/hr.

*A note about hosting: Often there are several options possible for hosting. YourArchivist hosting is just one. Part of our service is to explore what is needed and possible for you particular needs.